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There will be nothing like it in the world of books and manuscripts. 


Terrance Lindall has always been fascinated that the Lindau Gospels with it's astounding bejeweled gold cover. "Lindau" is very much like his own name "Lindall." The "U" in Lindau might be two "L"s looped. There is also the famous Lindesfarne Gospels. Since the "Lind"s of these great manuscripts have always been pointing at him in some fashion, Lindall guesses that his subconscious has always been working toward making something like them, maybe greater. Now Lindall has a collection of loose gem stones that are quite nice and some very large (rubies, emeralds, sapphires, citrons, etc.) . The crown jewel is the 134 K. Emerald seen below superimposed on the the cover of the Lindau Gospel. That emerald has always represented to Lindall the green Garden of Eden as Milton describes it "hanging in a golden chain this pendant world." 


Because of the workmanship involved, this production may take a long time. Contributions to the costly project will be recognized on the last page of this unprecedented production in various categories according to the amount contributed. If you would like to have your name so honored down through the history of Western art and literature, contact Terrance Lindall directly: OR THROUGH THE CONTACT page of this site. 


Major contributors will receive signed artist proof pages, as Lindall always honors those who support his projects. 

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